Escorting Cargo Service

In this current social situation, that you want to move a large amount of money, or preciour jewellry from palce to another place by yourself is really dangerous. It may not only cause you lose all your property but also threaten to your life. Therefore, protect absolute safety for all asset from giving- receiving to the shipping process, do not let the criminals have chance to destroy or rob those asset are the vital duties of our professtional team of security guards.

Transporting money and important goods in Vietnam is regulated under the law; therefore, to perform this type of service we have to comply with all provision of the State law.

Escort money and important goods service includes four main types:

  • Provide security guard escorting money excluding special vehicles.
  • Provide security guard escorting money including special vehicles.
  • Escorting money and important goods including representative of customers.
  • Escorting money and important goods independently.

We are fully confident when providing this type of the service to customers because:

  • We have up to 90% guards who used to work in military and police performing this task.
  • Equipped with a full range of modern and professional equipment, to carry out the security service.
  • 100% employers of our staff are checked for job moral principles and honesty before carrying out service. They are well-trained with a lot of practical experience.

All customers can directly contact us for more information about this service.

We are looking forward to serving you and your cooperation as well.