Privacy Policy

Sài Gòn Nam Chính Trực Security Services Co., Ltd (Saigon Security) is committed to protect the privacy of your personal information. Please read the following ‘Privacy Policy’ for a better understanding of our commitment, in order to respect and protect users’ rights to access:


We collect and use your personal information for suitable purposes in accordance with this ‘Privacy Policy’.
When it is necessary, we shall use this personal information to directly contact with you in terms of open letter, order form, thank-you letter, news of promotions and new arrivals, etc.


We are committed not to disclose your personal information. However, we shall disclose or provide your personal information in required cases as below:
(a) Upon the request of the law bodies;
(b) Upon the event that we believe it shall protect our legitimate rights towards the law;
(c) Upon the emergency cases to protect other members’ safety. .


Saigon Security is committed to keep your personal information private in any possible forms. We apply a variety of security technologies to keep such information


Saigon Security pays a great concern about Spam and fake identification emails sent on behalf of us. Thus, we confirm we will only send email to you when, and only when, you register or use our service.
Saigon Security commits not to sell, to rent or to lease your email to a third party. If you coincidentally receive email from our system, please click on the following link or notice directly to the website management team.


We welcome any feedbacks and comments from users about this ‘Privacy Policy’. If you have any questions or queries, please contact us at