Nam Chinh Truc Academy

The original of Wing Chun sect

After a long time spreading Buddha of Zen sect, Buddhist Dat Ma stayed in Lac Duong, China and became the head priest of Shaolin temple, he finished his long journey in here. After 9 years meditating in rock cave, he created three important secret books of martial arts, they are called Tam Bao: Precise – Upright – Spiritual. The first one is Dich Can breviary which teach us how to take physical exercise to make body being resistant and some fighting techniques; the second is Tay Tuy book which teaches Qi Gong; the third is Thieu That Luc Mon which teaches Kien Tanh.

Throughout many rise up and fall down centuries, Shaolin temple is still famous for fighting. Therefore, there were many people want to study and from that time many groups have been born. At the time of The King Can Long, Shaolin temple had problem and this pagoda was burnt, monks were murdered, there was only 5 masters got out of the danger, one of them name is master Ngu Mai.

When she was on the way to seek a place to refuge, she met a girl name Nghiem Vinh Xuan as her destiny. She accepted her as disciple and imparted all her secret kung fu. Then, Nghiem Vinh Xuan married Luong Ba Cau – a disciple of master Chi Thien who is one of five Shaolin masters, thus, he developed this kung fu to become Wing Chun Kungfu in order to remember his wife…

Sect: Wing Chun Nam Anh Kungfu


  • Representative: Master Nam Chính Trực
  • Martial arts instructor: Foshan Kungfu
  • Former leader: Head of sect Nam Anh;
  • Martial arts instructor: Master Nam Chinh
  • Address: 215K- 215J Nguyen Trai St., Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, District 1, HCMC.
  • Wing Chun Nam Anh Kungfu’s place of practice:
    • Hanoi: 01 place
    • HCMC: 02 places


  • Respect teacher, love and esteem friend, respect colleague
  • Humble, never give up
  • Learning from colleague
  • Take physical and mental exercises to become good person for family, social and nation

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