Saigon Nam Chinh Truc Security Service Co., Ltd Transaction name: Saigon Security was founded and licensed under the law of The Socialist Republic of Vietnam on 02nd May, 2002, Business license No.:4102010939/GP.

Saigon Security is testified and issued certificate of eligible for social security and providing professtional security services, license No.:84/GXN by General Police Department for Administrative Management of Social Order (Bureau Code: C64).

Saigon Security brand is exclusively protected by Intellectual Property Department and Vietnamses Ministry of Science and Technology in 2002.

Saigon Security is built basing on Martial Arts and Safety. General Director - Mr. Pham Chi Dien - 8th inheritor of Wing Chun Kungfu sect, he is the martial arts instructor level 18th of Vietnamese traditional martial arts, Master of Nam Chinh Truc Academy. He used to be a professional solider working for Vietnamese miliatry and police.

Under the direct management of our Director, all of Security Guards are strictly chosen basing on various important requirements: Good Appearance- Smart Spirit - Quick & Accurate Response - Sensibility and Absolute Loyalty. The compulsory training course to Saigon Securitybodyguards are composed and applied basically, efficiently and competitively. Moreover, it is also supported from International Civil Security Association. Each bodyguard of Saigon Security can work and fight independently as well as has good communication skils.

Thanks for our highly professional and prestige reputaion, Saigon Security has trained professional Security Guards and supplied bodyguards to many organizations, individuals, enterprises in and out of our country, Industrial Zone and Export Processing Zone in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces. Especially, our company has successfully co-operated with Vietnamese Ministry of Police to directly successfully train a professional Security Guards for Southern Government and Parliament Congress Offices.

Profession, sacrifire, devotion, loyalty, and discipline of Saigon Security bodyguards are not only our main motto but also the attraction and persuade to you today and time coming.

Wishing you good health, happiness and achieving more success for your business.

Thank You and Best Regard.