Consulting and Installing Security Devices

To speed up our mission for customers, Saigon Nam Chinh Truc cooperates with Doitronic Company – the most famous Federal Republic of Germany group specilizes in supplying and installing security devices. Saigon Security, now, imports some of specialized goods for service at location.

None stop there, the company continues to develop and widen service by setting up Saigon Security Joint-Stock Company (JSC) which supplies, designs, installs security, fire device, camera and smart stolen alarm...with the main parts are imported from Federal Republic of Germany. These devices are studied and produced in Europe by leading professors of security field. The JSC is the sole distributor of this product in Vietnam.

Up to now, with our ability and potential, Saigon Nam Chinh Trucwith brand name Saigon Security has received high evaluation and belief of customers in the whole country. With these successes, Saigon Nam Chinh Truc Security Service Co., Ltd cooperates with Saigon Security Joint-stock Company to continuously bring forward many Safe Solution - Best Security so that we can improve our service to satisfy customer’s need.

All customers can directly contact us for more information about this service.

We are looking forward to serving you and your cooperation as well.