Security Guard Training Service

With a reputation for many years of training security guards profestinally, We - Saigon Nam Chinh Truc have been providing customers with various types of security services, event protection, fixed target location protection, VIP protection... To meet the requirements of all customers in security duties, especially defense definitely of fire risk loopholes, prevent criminals of stealing, intruding, keep information secretly, we have already offered Security Guard Training Service for many enterprises.

Attending Saigon Nam Chinh Truc Training class, all security guards of the customer companies will be fully trained from basic knowledge to highclass skills about specialized profestional optimal protection.

We have designed a profestional training curriculum of common protection knowledge, such as fire protection, and security skills at different security target locations, setting up security plans, patrolling, preventing loss of property, all forms and types of books related to security duties, law involving in security, first aid knowledge in case of accidents, emergencies, martial arts for self-defence, fighting and controlling criminals, using supportive tools, safety equipment, burglar alarm systems...

Besides, Saigon Nam Chinh Truc shall equip you with foreign language, useful communication skills for security guards while performing duties, needed moral principles of security guards, etc... Especially, our method is the combination of theory and practice. Employees of your company you shall have chance to experience and use what they learned to handle with real-life situations. Lively and practical help at each target location will be the fastest application at work to achieve effective result as desired.

Owning a team of professional, dynamic, brave security guards with high skills from Saigon Nam Chinh Truc will definitely help your company always assure of human, assets and your services to be safe in the best way.

All customers can directly contact us for more information about this service.

We are looking forward to serving you and your cooperation as well.