Fixed Target Location Security Service

We provide security service at many different target locations in our country such as private building, construction with all properties inside. It includes all duties relating to maintain security circumstance, asset protection, fire prevention, personel control, facility management and guiding needed information for customers...

Up to now, We - Saigon Nam Chinh Truc has developed this service model. The customers who mainly use this type of service are:

  • Bank, jewelry store.
  • Building, private office.
  • Factory, industrial zone.
  • Buiding construction.
  • Warehouse.
  • Hospital, school/university, station.
  • Private house, apartment building.
  • Ect...

This type of security service takes 65% market share of the whole services that we are providing. You can meet our security guards in most of locations from big buildings, plazas, factories, construction sites to retail stores, warehouses, parking lots...

When customers would like to use this type of security at those fixed target locations as mentioned above, we are willing to consult, make a pratical survey at that target location and set up a completed security plan freely. Especially in the security plan, we will describe our key layout plan protection, specify duties at each security positon, the way to deal with emergencies, fire prevention procedures and state clearly about the Service fee as a reference to customers.

The Security plan is an integral part and is regarded as the appendix of the Supplying security contract between customers and us –Saigon Nam Chinh Truc. Basing on the size and nature of different security locations, we will let you know the time of carring out the service earliest.

All customers can directly contact us for more information about this service.

We are looking forward to serving you and your cooperation as well.